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Google will tell the time of the patient’s death!

It is strange to hear that no one has ever heard that Google will tell about the time of the death of a patient. The technology-giant has created a computer with intellectual intelligence (AI). Considering the condition of any patient in the AI hospital, about 100 percent assured that the patient will die within 24 hours. Google’s EI can say 95 percent of the time during the time of death. Based on the medical information of the patient, age, gender and information of any nation, etc., as well as the medical information of the hospital, the time of death was reported by Google’s AI. This innovative AI has originally produced Stanford, University of Chicago and a research team from UC San Francisco. Later, Google taught about two lakh 16 thousand 221 adult patient information from two US clinics. In addition to giving Google Ai a patient’s survival and death forecast, how long will a patient have to be admitted to hospital, with the help of the possibility of re-admission.

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